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There are many reasons you might maintain property, either by taking pride in your yard or perhaps you do so professionally. And while you likely have cut your grass down to an art, most people just don’t know how to care for their trees.

That rarely stops them from hacking off branches and limbs with chainsaws or hedgers, even if they have no clue what they are cutting. All too often, someone lops off a terminal branch and kills it off despite being in otherwise excellent condition.

The only way of knowing what to do to maintain your curb appeal is learning the basics of proper weekly tree care needs. In no time, you’ll have the best-looking lot on the block, all without much additional effort.

Add these items to your weekly list of chores to make your lawns appear even better. And for everything else, you can always rely on Franklin TN Tree Care.

Have the Right Plants Installed

Whether you took ownership of an abandoned or foreclosed home, or purchased one with existing landscaping, you might not have the correct plants for our soil composition. The region containing Brentwood, TN, and Franklin, TN retains several native species of pines, maples, beeches, and a few other types.

Trying to grow any non-native plants is going to take a lot of preparation and continued maintenance. Even if you can carefully balance the grounds’ chemical composition, there’s no guarantee that the temperature and climate stay ideal for it.

Whether you are now the owner and are trying to decide which plants to keep, or you intend on installing new plants, you should always consult with an expert first. By knowing ahead of time which trees offer the best rates of survival, you can avoid costly mistakes at your local nursery.

Otherwise, you are merely hoping for the best by blindly planting trees. Considering that some can cost thousands of dollars apiece, that wouldn’t act as a wise investment for your yards.

Hire Experienced Tree Removal Contractors

Following a severe storm or unexpected cold snap, you’ve likely had someone knock on your door offering to cut your dead trees down. They pitch you a price you can’t turn down, and you hire them on the spot.

However, it isn’t until you hear a loud crash and broken glass do you think to ask about licensing and insurance. By then it’s too late to realize that they’re just someone with a chainsaw in hand, and now you’re liable for fixing the damage down to your neighbor’s property.

Everyone will likely need tree removal services at some point, and it can feel tempting to take the low price offered at your door. Choosing a professional tree service provider, on the other hand, is always the safest method for everyone involved.

Before a cheap tree removal contractor makes a costly error, do your research before hiring someone. If nothing else, ask the door-to-door landscaper for a business card to learn if they are legitimate or not.

Hire Experienced Tree Removal Contractors

Some homeowners consistently take off too many limbs at once, while others rarely prune their plants at all. Both schools of thinking are putting their trees at risk, and these residents would do themselves a favor to learn the best practices.

Trimming and pruning should be a necessary part of any upkeep plan, but it’s likely something that you’ve long forgotten about until it’s far overgrown. By then, you can only hope that a professional service can shape it back to normal without incident.

At least once a month during the tree’s hot season growing pattern, clip off any dead plant material or overly long limbs. By carefully shaping up the outer parameter and clearing away unneeded sections, you can promote many weeks of increased growth.

However, it’s also easy to trim incorrectly, and one wrong snip can cause lasting damage. Make sure to educate yourself how before pruning your trees, or else leave it to the Franklin tree trimming experts.

Use A Certified Stump Removal Service

You may have recently hired a company to cut down a dead or dying tree. However, what you didn’t realize is that it will require another stump removal Brentwood service to take care of the rest.

Most tree removal companies will not take away the stump unless you agree to it as a separate job. And while that may seem unfair at first, anyone who has had to do it by themselves will tell you it’s well worth the cost.

Some stumps get simpler to remove than others, and you may find that a grinder would be the best method to get rid of it. However, you may have a challenging time finding an equipment rental center that has one.

Instead, hiring a professional company is often the most cost-effective way to remove stumps from yards. Otherwise, you could be at it for days with little more than bruises and damaged vehicle bumpers to show for it.

Install Mulching Around Plants

Although trees use thick bark as protection, their most vulnerable areas are still their root systems. As is the case with other plants in your backyard, roots stay easily damaged by pests, temperature changes, and too much moisture.

You may think that because the ground covers them that there’s nothing more to do on your part. However, installing mulch remains one of the frequently recommended yard care solutions with more landscaping services.

Mulching both keeps roots better defended from physical harm, but it also creates a blanket, keeping them warm during winter. That will allow all of your trees a better odds at surviving the harshest winters possible.

You can find mulching at nearly any retail center, although for the best results, you’d want to use fresh products. Over time, mulch can lose nutrients while sitting on store shelves.
Whether you have questions regarding trees or you’d like to hire us for your yards, call Franklin TN Tree Care.

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