Looking Out For Your Trees

Maintaining the value of your home goes beyond taking care of your house. The property surrounding your house also holds value and if properly cared for can increase the value of your home. This is why caring for the land and what is growing on it is so important, especially if you have trees.

​Trees can add curb appeal and valuable shade to your property, they can also be the source of costly damage. Being able to identify if a tree can add value or end up costing you, can save you time and lots of money. In most cases a tree that needs maintenance or adds to the privacy and comfort of your property has long term value.

​Here are few things to look out for when you have trees on your property.

1. The most obvious thing to look for is healthy growth. If your tree doesn’t have anything growing from its branches during the spring to fall seasons this is a pretty sure sign that your tree is either dead or has some kind of disease. Taking a close look at the tree to see if there is any strange growth, unnatural holes or milled lines in its bark is a good way to identify if there is a bug or disease that has killed the tree. If this is the case, this disease will likely spread to a nearby tree resulting in more damage. If the damage seems minimal trimming back those areas and burning or properly removing the debris can be done on your own. But if the damage is wide spread or the tree is dead, the best thing to do is to hire a professional. ​

2. If there is a tree that is close to a house or other structure with branches that over reach that structure, there is a chance that damage from high winds or a storm might take that branch out causing it to fall and damage what lies beneath. To prevent this possible damage, it is best to have those branches removed. In most cases, it is best to have a professional trim or remove the branches to avoid any property damage.

3. If you have a tree that is near any incoming electrical or cable lines to your house, you may be responsible for any damage that is done to the lines on your property. Trees tend to get tangled in these lines. If there is any kind of heavy winds or storm, branches may break, taking down those lines resulting in costly damage and possible power loss.  It is extremely important to NOT attempt to trim branches around electrical lines yourself, always hire a professional tree expert to handle these areas. ​

Planting a tree in the right location can make all difference to its future growth. If you have a tree that doesn’t seem to be growing, which does take time, the problem might be in its location or in the soil. Identifying these issues can sometimes be difficult and applying the wrong treatment could be detrimental to the trees health. Hiring a professional to assess your situation can make all the difference and save you years of lost growth.  ​

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